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Hi, I'm Rachel Miranda a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist behind Restoration Massage.

I studied at the prestigious Swedish Institute in NYC and graduated in 2013. Since then I pursued my career in therapeutic massage to help those in pain heal, move and restore people.  Currently I'm practicing at The Wellness Haus spa located in Yonkers, NY or you can book a Concierge In-Home Service.
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Welcome to Restoration Massage with

Rachel Miranda LMT!

Specializing in Medical Massage for Chronic Lower Back/Hip Pain Relief.


If you find yourself in serious pain or discomfort causing muscle tension even disrupting your daily activities.

You have found the right place for relief!


We help clients alleviate the aches and pains providing specialized massage therapy techniques for the aches and pain.

We create a customized massage to fit your needs where people can recharge, renew and restore, all through therapeutic massage bodywork and return to your daily life pain free.


Rachel Miranda's Medical massage techniques will decrease pain, discomfort,  increase mobility, range of motion and improve overall quality of life. Currently practicing at The Wellness Haus located in Yonkers, NY or book a you can schedule Concierge In-Home Service.


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  


Relaxation massage sessions are designed to relax the entire body with the exceptional benefits of increasing circulations and decreasing muscle toxins while easing tension using gentle to firm pressure. Techniques include long gliding strokes with gentle pressure in the direction of  blood flow returning to the heart. Therapeutic Massage sessions uses a firmer touch and various techniques and strokes to decrease aches and pains.  


Deep Tissue and Medical Massage sessions are designed to relieve pain through focused bodywork for muscle tension relief, reduce stress and work on specific problem areas. Firm to Deep pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, such as: lower back pain, sciatica or stiff neck.

Prenatal Massage includes various techniques to provide relief the common discomforts during pregnancy.  Sessions will improve circulation, loosen tight muscles and relieve pain.


Restoration Massage In-Home or Office  massages offer a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques designed to service clients with unique needs at their convenience in the home or office.



Add any of these services to an RM massage service for an extra special treatment! From extend time, CBD, Essential Oils Aromatherapy, Hot Stones , or Cupping 



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